It lifts us into the air, brings the pages to life that we’ve spent countless hours studying and dedicating ourselves and our art to. The clouds part as this occurs, letting the light from the sky above cascade upon us, granting clarity of vision and dream. Just as the pages are animated, so, too, do we animate what we create and are in the process of creating. A simple, yet calculated stroke of the brush brings life to empty space; with each stroke of the brush, we create, and are one step closer to completing this act.

We get caught up in ourselves, and lose track of what’s around us and of time passing by. The rest of the world around us could be darkened by these overcast clouds, but within our world–the world of the visionary–we see a different light; we see it through a different perspective.

Perhaps, what’s written on those pages are the products of our efforts. As each painting is worth a thousand words, so is each glimmer of light of inspiration worth a painting, or a page of words of a story needed to be told. A story of our world, what we’ve experienced, or how we wish the world was. We create to escape into our creation; we write and paint to create a world for ourselves. Don’t toss out the pages that have, seemingly, produced nothing; for, perhaps by piecing together disparate parts of our past, we’ll create a masterpiece.


Artwork by Niken Anindita (Megatruh)


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